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Nik Shukla Public Health Nutritionist

100% Customized Health Coaching catering to your Goals & Dreams!  🙂

I Translate the Science of Lifestyle Medicine & Optimal Health for You!

  • Optimal Nutrition
  • Optimal Exercise
  • Optimal Stress Management
  • Optimal Sleep
  • Optimal Love & Support

General Benefits to You:

  • Losing Weight!
  • Looking Great!
  • Feeling Great!
  • Awesome Energy Levels!
  • Consistent Education, Motivation, Inspiration to become the Best Version of You!
  • Consistent Love & Support with your Challenges & Struggles
  • Celebrating Your Successes!
  • Helping You become an Inspiring Role Model for Your Children & People You Care About!

Examples of Specific Client Goals:

  • Optimizing Your Weight in a Scientifically Safe & Sustainable Manner
  • Reversing Pre-Diabetes!
  • Reversing Pre-Hypertension!
  • Eliminate Constipation & Laxatives Naturally!
  • Truly Understand Your Blood Test & Blood Pressure Numbers for the 1st Time!
  • Optimizing Your Blood Sugar {Measured by Fasting Blood Sugar or Hemoglobin A1C}
  • Optimizing Your Blood Cholesterol {Measured by Total or Non-HDL Cholesterol}
  • Specifically, Optimizing Your LDL {Lethal Deadly Lipids:  Bad Fat #1}
  • Specifically, Optimizing Your Triglycerides {Bad Fat #2}
  • Optimizing Your Blood Pressure {Systolic, Diastolic, & Pulse Pressure}
  • Optimizing Your Kidney Health {by Increasing Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate}
  • Optimize Your Gut Micro-Biome
  • Reversing Inflammation {Measured by High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein}
  • Dramatically Reduce Your Risk of ColoRectal Cancer {Women & Men}
  • Dramatically Reduce Your Risk of Prostate Cancer {Men}
  • Significantly Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer {Women}
  • Scientifically Optimize Your Fertility!  {Women & Men}
  • Scientifically Reduce Your Risk of Miscarriages & Still Births! {Women}
  • Optimize Your Immune System to Prevent COVID-19!
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